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This site contains research and writings on higher education, dumbing down, the Maple mathematical system, mathematical sociology, sociological theory, functionalism, system theory, chaos theory, along with excerpts from novels and exercises in short fiction and satire.

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Right: Kava en route to the funeral of King Tupou IV, Tonga, Polynesia, 2006

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The Character of our Content: Serious and/or Satirical Inquiries into the Higher Learning (under excavation)

"And now I see with eye serene
The very pulse of the machine"


At first it's kinda fun, you're merely a heel called,
But soon you'll end up with your arse keel-hauled
Do not ever, God forbid, bite the hand that doth feed you,
But do not ever heed the hand that will smite you
It is said that El Niño your sins deftly bore:
May your sins bore El Niño, while levelling the score